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We have an impeccable record of driving business growth.

Our most recent project was with Planet Hatch developing a new 3 day crash course startup program! With 37 people, 22 ideas and over 15 different mentors, it was a great program to push startup's to the next level!

We are proud of working directly with many businesses and start-up’s including Laura Fitton with oneforty.com from idea, start-up, funding, growth and eventual sale to Hubspot and with Dan Martell on many projects including his current Clarity.fm.(just acquired by Fundable) All have given us strong first rate experience on many levels as a project manager, team leader and gained advanced technical skills.

As a Virtual/Cloud based Project Manager our drive, dedication and commitment has been proven by our ability to adapt to many different projects. We have taken and completed many Project Management courses while perfecting technology skills with Mac and PC, strong organizational skills, project proposals and budget planning, risk management, strong ability to multitask, troubleshooting skills, skilled at branding and identity, account management and proven problem solving and analytical skills. We have experience reporting directly to board of directors, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and business owners.

While this is all important...
having FUN while completing projects on time and under budget is the main goal.

Myth - Project management certification is a must.
In fact, even at IBM, only 56% of project management specialists hold a certificate.

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Project Manager

Create a formal project management document that's complete with a baseline and approved by Stakeholders or a Steering Group

Lean Canvas

The faster, more effective way to communicate your business model, a visual chart with elements describing a firm's value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances.

Executing Project

Using the baseline plan, track and monitor progress. Evaluate, Forecast, Report, Revise, Correct and Close... with the key goal of "Your Startup!"

Why Top Cloud?

Fewer than a third of all projects were successfully completed on time and on budget over the past year. (Source: Standish Group)

Ask yourself... 2 years from now will your startup be the next best thing?
If no... what are you doing?... Why are you here? Really...
If yes... you need a project manager specializing in startup's to get you to the next level!

Virtual Project Manager
An astounding 97% of organizations believe project management is critical to business performance and organizational success. (Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers)


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Top Cloud Project Manager is a Virtual Project Management service, a proven and effective tool that allows different work teams, resources, budgets and tasks to all be controlled to achieve a specific quality product in a proactive way. It should be noted that projects are very different to the day to day operational running of a business as all projects are unique and involve change and ultimately come to an end.

And project teams are often able to work virtually. After all, you can code from anywhere these days--and with constant electronic communication, phone conferences and video conferencing, there is less and less reason to work in an office.

As with anything there are a number of challenges that could impact the success of a virtual team. Some of which could include:

  • Communication A great deal of project management is communication, and this becomes challenging when you cannot walk around an office to talk to people. Having open, quick and easy communication is a MUST.
  • Time Differences The key here is to be organized and have the information you need from the other team members for the following day so you won’t be held back.
  • Routine/ Culture This can be a huge challenge. Learning to adapt to various differences is a must and in the long run it will benefit not just the team but also the project.
  • Distribution of work As a virtual team you don’t always have a chance to get to know everyone’s capabilities. As an effective manager we focus on this challenge by finding unique ways of getting to know your team members competency levels in order to fairly distribute work and keep your project baseline working.
  • Trust Building Yes, when you are communicating virtually the personal touch sometimes gets misplaced. That is why it is EXTREMELY important to Project Manager build a trusting professional relationship across the communication channels such as Skype, Google Hangouts and FaceTime!

Working with virtual teams has a number of benefits especially in terms of cost effectiveness and having access to a high quality workforce. However, if you let the challenges above take control, the project and its team won’t reach their full potential. Our Goal is to take control of these challenges early on and reap the benefits!

Contact Lynne today for a FREE 2 hour Startup Mentor Coffee break! Could save you money!